Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lance Choc-O-Lunch Cookies: Then and Now

Yesterday, while writing my post about Keebler Opera Cremes on Diary of a Non-Person, I realized I had a similar product to mention here: Lance Choc-O-Lunch Cookies.

Lance Choc-O-Lunch cookies are still being produced today. However, they're not the same as they used to be. That's why this post goes here instead of in the other blog, which is only for things that no longer exist.

The Choc-O-Lunch cookies being made now are chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla creme. In the past, they were chocolate sandwich cookies with lemon creme. What an incredible combination!

I still like Choco-O-Lunch cookies, and they make a great snack. I just wish they still had the chocolate/lemon combination.


Karen Walker said...

They sound yummy. Stopping by on the a-z challenge. Nice to "meet" you.

M Pax said...

Mmmm. I think I bumped into you on the other site. I remember the Keebler cookies. :)

Donna Weaver said...

Lemon and chocolate are such a great combination. One of my favorite cupcakes is a lemon cake with chocolate frosting. It can be a surprise because you think at first that it's just a yellow cake.

Sylvia Ney said...

Sounds very yummy! I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

Anonymous said...

oooO, the original version sounds yummy.
Found your blog via the A-Z challenge. Following You! Come on over and say "hi".
Blue Velvet Vincent

Misha said...

Both sound scrumptious. ^_^

nutschell said...

oh i totally missed out on these.:(
Great meeting you through the A-Z!